čtvrtek 14. srpna 2014


Pho Vietnam – ( Gorazdova 17) one of the best vietnamese restaurants in Prague and also my favorite.  Affordable, very cheap beer and great Pho and Bun cha. Seriously, their Bun Cha is one of the best in Prague you can get. (The very best would definitely be in SAPA market but I will write about it later)  Bun cha is specially grilled meat with rice noodles and sauce with herbs. And it is definitely a-must-try, besides PHO, "vietnamese soup" which is not actually soup as us czech people understand it because for us it is just sort of a starter before the main dish. But for vietnamese people it is full-fledged meal. Beef broth with noodles, herbs and meat (pho bo - beef, pho ga - chicken)

The restaurant has a great location near river and just around the corner of Dancing house - a house regarded as a jewel of czech modern architecture. I don't like it so much to be honest. I think it looks weird. However if you feel like you would use some nice meal in your belly this is a good choice

  • Vietnamese cuisine rock, right? But have you tasted vietnamese coffee? There is a nice article about it on Expats page.
  • There is also a very nice page of vietnamese girls who are trying to show czech people more of their culture and food. And I need to say they do it very well.They are called Viet Food Friends but  unfortunately their page is just in czech. However they have made a map of  vietnamese restaurants in Prague. Be sure to check it out too.

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