čtvrtek 14. srpna 2014

a little bit about this idea


My name is Mary, i am student of Aesthetic at Charles University in Prague. I really enjoy art, relaxed people, good coffee, breakfasts and fun. I was born in Prague and I love to travel a lot. In spring semester 2014 I was studying in Copenhagen (Copenhagen University) within Erasmus exchange program. I have met many cool people and since everybody was amazed every time I said I was from Prague and many of my friends visited Prague during their stay in Copenhagen I decided to write a little "Prague trip advisor" for them summarazing my favorite places in Prague. They were all very excited about that because I know the feeling when you come to a new city and you know nothing. So this was something they could build on, be inspired by it and also get a little "inside feeling". Now I decided to make blog about Prague from me to foreigners. I will share my favorite and supercool places, Hope you enjoy it.


  • Feel free to contact me on my email marievesela @ hotmail.com 
  •  use hastags #praguefeeling when sharing your pictures from Prague

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